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Why Matrix?

15+ Years of R&D

Matrix is the culmination of years in research and development to build a data mining and performance analysis solution that can be readily utilized by key decision makers in K-12 school districts. It aids in the decision making process by transforming raw data into a meaningful knowledge base that can be used across the district from administrators to principals to teachers.

Data Accessibility

By making information more readily and easily accessible, Matrix helps to maximize the positive impact your district can have on students. It provides districts with a clear, overall picture of how the district is doing in terms of student performance. The system helps districts to analyze student assessment scores, curriculum standards alignment, overall curriculum effectiveness, and more. They can view performance data at a holistic, global level and at a detailed, granular level for each student.

Extensive and User Friendly

Matrix quickly and easily generates the reports needed for district, school, state, and federal requirements, such as No Child Left Behind (NCLB).

Increased Accountability

Matrix gives administrators insight into the relationship between district curriculum and student performance to help overcome academic challenges within the classroom environment.


Districts can implement the Matrix solution as a stand-alone application or integrate it with solutions such as eCurriculum, ExamN, and TheSIS for an innovative and flexible teaching and learning platform.

Timeliness of Data

Users are provided a clear picture of student performance sooner rather than later so that teachers and administrators can take action to improve the education process.

Tiered Access
Matrix was specifically designed with a variety of users in mind. We provide a comprehensive and intuitive student data analysis tool that allows tiered access to data for teachers, principals and administrators that maintains the highest level of data security and confidentiality.
Immediate Results

Reports are preconfigured to your district’s specific requirements so you can start using and benefiting from the system immediately.

Actionable Intelligence
Instead of always learning from historical outcomes, Matrix empowers districts to perform predictive analysis and determine probable future outcomes. Districts are then able to immediately intervene and redirect the learning process to achieve more positive outcomes for individual students. These decisions are crucial in achieving high performance goals for students and facilitating a dynamic learning environment.
Highest Return on Investment

Matrix has the lowest cost of ownership than comparable, enterprise-level data mining solutions. Reporting functionality is built directly into the system and preconfigured based on the district’s data structure. Because there is no technical knowledge required, districts can start generating reports immediately.